This Oil Thing? It can be a BUSINESS!


Last week I posted about not throwing in that towel, and I promised some tangible ways to think about this oily thing as a business. So here we are!!!! I'm just going to go about this in list form. I think that is easiest ;)

A little disclaimer-- this post is tailored to those who have already started "dipping their toe" in this business thing.

1. You need to set clear expectations with yourself, your spouse, and your family. About everything.

Expectations like:

  • The fact that it costs money to start up a business. If you want to give this your all, you should be doing 100PV a month. Set that expectation, and if money is tight, do whatever you can to place that 100PV. Be committed to the financial investment because the return is like no other y’all. 
  • The fact that it takes TIME to start turning a profit. In EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS!!! This oils business is no different than starting a photography business, a quilting business, a coffee shop... literally no different than any other start up in the fact that it will take some time and patience before you see a profit. That’s okay. Again, once you understand the possibilities with this, you will walk through a wall to get it. I practically PAID people to shoot their weddings my first year in business. But I had to because I needed people to trust me, and I knew it was all part of starting up my own business. Why did I have a skewed view about that aspect of this business? I’m not sure. But the fact that I get to be my own boss, that I get to set my hours, that I get to work from wherever? WORTH IT! 
  • The fact that you have to DEVOTE CONSISTENT TIME to this thing. If you can only do 20 minutes a day, then do 20 minutes a day. But set that expectation and BE CONSISTENT!!!! I said this already, but you show up to work your corporate job every single day, don’t let this be any different! 
  • If you’re doing this as a team from the get-go with your spouse, then set expectations of what that looks like. Is your spouse just going to help behind the scenes? Are they too sharing about oils? What does this look like? 

That is why setting expectations from the very beginning is important. You’re laying it all out. You’re saying, “this is how much I am investing in my company before I start to question if it is worth it” and “this is how much time and effort I’m investing in my company before I throw in the towel.”

2. Okay so you’ve set expectations, now this is the fun part. Tell fear that it has NO FREAKING PLACE IN YOUR BUSINESS. For real. Get that ish out of here. Fear is the WORST.

3. Good, see ya never, fear. Okay now that you’ve done one and two, start dreaming. Write those dreams down, and speak them over your life. And then make a plan. A real, concrete plan. That would look like this:

"I want to hit Executive two months from now." (Awesome! You go girl!) 

"That means that I need to get a second business person. Let’s look at my VO. 

Do I have any level ones who have been re-ordering? YES, I do!!!
I’m going to message the amazing Sarah because she’s been loving her oils and she’s actually already on ER. I’m just going to tell her about the fact that I want to do this business with her, and it’s not even as scary as it sounds. She’s already loving oils and she’s on ER. Now she just has to start spreading the love. I will tell her that if she agrees I will make her my second leg which means we will be a team; I will help her any way I can to get her business started. She just has to say yes. WOAH.

Cool. So that takes care of the second leg. But now I need to grow by 2000 OGV. SO I’m also going to think of a fun incentive for my team. Amazon has some super pretty roller-bottles and oil pouches. I could find a motivating incentive for my team for less than 30 dollars and that might get some more of my 0PV people reordering.

Okay, Executive in two months, here I come."

BOOM! You just took action on that dream of yours. That’s what I’m talking about.

4. While you’re doing all of the above, grab a leadership book and get to reading. Oh and take a personality test. You need to know your personality so you know how you lead best. We’re not all the same. So what works for me, might not work for you, and that’s okay!

5. Oh and while you’re doing all of that, you should be SHARING THE HECK out of those oils. Think outside the box. How are you ACTUALLY using these oils? Don’t just share about the starter kit all the time. Be real. Be vulnerable.

6. As you’re selling those kits, GET YOUR PEOPLE PLUGGED IN. GUYS. Don’t just sell those kits and think “oh they’ll figure it out”. They trust YOU! They want to hear it from YOU! Not your upline. YOU! Be personable and take care of your people!!!

7. Which leads me to, know right from the beginning this business IS NOT all about the kit sales. Learn it. Trust it. Pour into your people. Get them hooked for life just like you are.

8. Quit comparing your journey to other peoples. I could expand on this but I'm not going to. Just quit it. It does NO GOOD! And comparison has NO place in our business. It can go hang out with fear over there. ✌️

I could probably go on and on and on, but this is MORE than enough to get your mindset changed. Don’t throw in the towel friends. As much as fear is telling you to. Don’t.

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