Getting Started

You'll start by purchasing an enrollment kit. I highly  recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the Dew Drop Diffuser. It's by FAR the best value and includes the best everyday oils that you will use all of the time, as well as samples of other great products. It's the only kit that includes all ten everyday oils (plus an awesome bonus oil) valued at $163.00 and a diffuser that is valued at $117.00, and you get it all (plus extra goodies) for $160.00!! Purchasing this kit will also get you access to a whole-sale membership and a 24% discount, with no monthly requirements or minimums! 
Time out! Let's talk about this membership thing! I promise you are not signing your life away! No minimums or requirements, no pressure to become a distributor, you are now just simply able to purchase your oils at a discounted price. You may hear the term "wholesale membership" referred to as a "distributor", but that doesn't mean you HAVE to build a business. When I first signed up for my Premium Starter Kit, I had no intention of doing the business side of Young Living. However, it's so hard not to share something you love with others!  So of course, if you want to, you can easily start the business side of YL. You won't even have to invest in fancy, additional, kits! You just get to share how amazing these oils are. Easy as pie. 

Ready? Sign Me UP! 

To get started, you just need to follow these steps:
1. Click this LINK to enroll
2. Check "Wholesale Member" (This is really important!) rather than "Retail Customer". This signs you up for that awesome 24% discount I told you about! 
3. This should be done for you already, but make sure that my member number is in both the Sponsor ID & Enroller ID boxes. 2065203
4. Fill out your name, billing & shipping addresses, SSN, and contact information. *Your SSN will NEVER be used unless you make over $600/year selling Young Living productions, in which they will send you a 1099 for taxes as required by law at the end of the year. If you don't pursue the business side of YL it will never be used!!*
5. Read and check the Terms & Conditions
6. Create a username, password, and pin. Write these down so you have easy access to the site again!!
7. Select your Premium Starter Kit! *ANY of the diffuser choices are perfect! Just be sure you're selecting the Premium Starter Kit
8. Scroll through the "Essential Rewards Kits" and click "no thank you" *You are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards, but it does have some great benefits. We can always get signed up at a later time; once you have had a chance to test out your oils!*
9. Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name as your enroller and sponsor)
10. Add any addition oils or products that you might like in addition to your kit. (some favorites are Deep Relief, Peace & Calming, Thieves Cleaner, Cedarwood, and Release!!!) 
11. Check out, double check you got all the way to the confirmation page, and wait for that nice FedEx man to bring all of your goodies! 



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