What If I would Have Quit?

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If you're on my team, or a Happy Oiler, you've already heard this story! But I KNOW I have friends out there that this might resonate with, so I wanted to publicly share it. 

**Cue racing heart and adrenaline pumping**

I'm not really sure why talking about the business side of Young Living makes me so nervous, but here I go telling y'all my story, anyway ;) 

I bought my YLEO starter kit in September of 2014. I literally had NO idea what these "essential oil" things were before July of the year I bought my kit. I watched my friend Madison post about them, and then decided, "eh, why not?!" 

I began sharing about my oils as soon as I got my starter kit because I share a TON on social media anyway, and I was absolutely IN LOVE. A believer for LIFE, if you will!!!!
And then I was watching my new friends start this thing as a business (and then KILLING it, I might add!) And so, in November of 2014 I said, “I’m going to dip my toe in this business thing”. 
I hopped on my favorite program EVER, Essential Rewards, and then continued randomly posting about oils and even hosted an in-person 101 class, but that was it. I sold a few kits here and there, but nothing like I was hoping for when I said, "I'm going to try out this business". I never made a pay check above $100.00 from November through April. 

Then in May of 2015 I gave myself an ultimatum. One more month of this and if the pattern of barely getting $100.00 pay checks and not moving up to the ranks I wanted  continued I was going to quit.

BUT I also decided that that month I gave myself was going to be different than the past 8 months. I was going to shift my mindset, and I was going to treat this thing like a business. Which meant no more “kind ofs, maybes, or sort ofs” in my vocabulary. 

That meant not letting fear dictate how much I shared about my love for oils. That meant no more selling a kit here and there and then just letting them try to figure it out on their own. That meant CONSISTENCY.

Because you see what I had failed to realize was that with a corporate job, or really any other small business (hellooooo I literally was running a photography business!), you have to put in work every single day to see return. 

But for some reason I had it in my head that this business didn’t work that way. Looking back I think this happened for several different reasons. Maybe because I didn't understand consistency, I thought that I could just share here and there and forget about this for weeks at a time, yet things would be handed to me. And maybe (okay this one totally isn’t a maybe) because I let fear of what others thought of me run this business. I created excuses for myself, and was putting in LITTLE work and expecting A LOT of return.

That shift in mindset, attitude, and business model changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. Our team doubled in 48 hours after I gave myself that ultimatum. I hit the rank of Executive in August of that year, Silver in October, and then Gold in February of 2016. 

Guys, if you're NOT in this Young Living thing, I'm just going to leave this average income disclosure right here for you to check out. 

Crazy huh? What if I would have quit? 😳 I am SO thankful that God had other plans for me. That He knew I was thinking about throwing in the towel, so He put the idea of running this like an actual business in my head. He's so crazy and His blessings blow me away.

SO for those of you who have never started a small business, and are maybe asking, “what does she mean when she says ‘treat this like a business?’” and I promise I will expand more on that in a new blog post VERY soon. 

But I'm here to encourage you if you're thinking of throwing in the towel. 
Don’t throw in the towel friends. As much as fear is telling you to. Don’t.

Fear has NO place in our businesses. In our relationships. In our lives. 

In fact, there's this guy I know, named Jesus, who loves us DEARLY. Like so much that He died for us. Us who weren't even walking this Earth yet. You. He died for YOU. Because He is love; perfect love. And the Bible tells us that perfect love drives out all fear. 

See? No place. 

Oh, and engrain this in your head: 
"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." - Earl Nightingale
Because it’s true.

Love you, Oilers.

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