Top 20 Oils Outside of the PSK!


You have your Starter Kit and you’re loving the oil life, but what do you buy next?! We were all in the same boat at some point, and would love to share some of our found favorites (bonus: we will try to keep the majority under $25.00!)!!

  1. Citrus Fresh ($15.25) AMAZING for a clean smelling house! I love to add it to our sink when cleaning, or just our diffuser when we don't have time to clean ;) !  
  2. Lemongrass ($11.25) Perfect for a post-work out massage, and for relaxing!
  3.  Orange ($10.75) I love pairing orange with Ylang Ylang (more on that below) and adding it to my Thieves toothpaste for pearly whites!
  4. Tea Tree ($26.00) Your skin will thank you over and over again! 
  5. Cedarwood ($11.25) For healthy hair & lots of zzzz’s 
  6. Thieves Cleaner ($22.00) This cleaner is life changing. RUN don’t walk, to grab it! We have replaced every cleaner in our home with this one bottle! It lasts forever because it's concentrated. And it smells like Christmas. Winning all around!
  7. Peace & Calming II ($20.75) This is a staple in our home. I use it all the time on wedding days, and for nice restful sleep! It's currently OOS, but as soon as it comes back, snatch it UP!!
  8. Valor II ($22.75) Also a staple. Use it in the mornings to kick the day’s butt. Or just at any time that you need a little boost of confidence to get going! 
  9. Deep Relief Roll-On ($26.75) This is the greatest roll-on in existence. If you ever have aches and pains from daily life, you’re going to want to get yourself some Deep Relief.
  10. Grapefruit ($16.75) It’s this sweet, invigorating aroma that I LOVE for its ability to encourage feelings of joy, satisfaction, and playfulness.
  11. En-R-Gee ($24.75) For those times you need some energy ;)
  12. Gentle Baby ($21.25) Whether you’re a momma or not, this little bottle is AMAZING for feeling calm & for your skin!! (This is another that is currently OOS so you just need to stalk YL until it comes back!)
  13. Breathe Again Roll-On ($25.75) For those times that you need a little help breathing ;)
  14. Joy ($41.75) I LOVE joy!!! It’s exactly for what you think it would be for. It’s one of my favorites to diffuse (all the heart eyes!)
  15. Ylang Ylang ($40.75) The “love potion” get it. You’ll thank me later ;)
  16. Progessence Plus #4640 $37.50 Ladies, this one is for you!!! It does wonders for your hormone balance!!! (*If you’re on birth control, this one isn’t for you, as it contains naturally occurring progesterone!)
  17. Lady Scalerol ($54.75) Ladies, this one is ALSO for you. It's blend created especially for women to enhance the feminine nature and provide a relaxing experience when diffused. Basically, you won't want it to leave your side and your emotions and cycle will thank you.
  18. Vitality oils! (Any of them are AMAZING but here are a few fun ones!) Grapefruit ($7.50) TASTES SOOOOO good in your water! Plus it can also support weight-management programs when taken internally and paired with a healthy diet and exercise.
  19. Lime ($5.75) This baby is an important ingredient in one of YL’s most popular blends, Stress Away™. Whether you’re stirring it into drinks for a bright burst of flavor or giving your food a little extra citrus zip, Lime Vitality essential oil is a welcome kick of summer that you can enjoy year-round.
  20. Orange ($6.00) has a clean, refreshing scent and flavor and contains the naturally occurring constituent limonene. (google what Limonene can do for you!!!)


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