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Why hello and Happy Wednesday! By now, you have probably heard about my love of essential oils! 
Several of you have already hopped on board and started your own Oily Journey! However, some of you still aren't sure, and have asked me how Tyler and I use these oils in our day-to-day lives. If you're not familiar with Essential Oils at all, have one of us add you to our 101 class before reading on! If you know what these babies are, but wondering how you can use them in your everyday lives, keep reading ;) 
As soon as I wake up in the mornings I oil pull with coconut oil. (Sometimes I add an essential oil, like Thieves, sometimes it's just coconut, but oil pulling is amazing & you should research it!) 
After I oil pull, I brush my teeth with Thieves toothpaste + 1 drop of orange to keep those pearly whites healthy. 

In the mornings, I either start our diffuser with something energetic & uplifting (Lemon, Peppermint and/or Joy are some favorites!) and/or I use my favorite energizing roll-on that I made. (It includes Grapefruit, Citrus Fresh, Lemon and Joy!)
I wash my face with once in the morning and once at night with Lemon Sandalwood bar soap! This soap has been a game changer with keeping my skin clear and glowy! I am in love! I also add a couple drops of Tea Tree oil to my face to leave it feeling fresh and revitalized.
I then use Endoflex to keep my hormonal and endocrine system in tip-top shape! 

I don't really have a set shower schedule, I'm not necessarily a morning or evening shower, it's just whenever I feel like it, but when I do I LOVE adding a couple drops of Eucalyptus to the bottom of our shower to make me feel like I am at a spa and keep my nasal passages free and clear!
And before I start work, I head to the fridge to grab my favorite drink ever: Ningxia Red!! (Research goji berries friends. Your mind will be blown!!)

I then begin working, which as many of you know (whether you run your own business or not) this can add some stress. If I ever have too much on my plate that seems like it will never get done, I will either apply or diffuse Stress Away + Joy! Yum!

I know stress can sometimes do things to your body that shouldn't be happening. For any of those days that it feels like all the stress could potentially make my head explode, I just grab a drop of Peppermint and place it on the roof of my mouth to ensure that doesn't happen ;)
(Disclaimer: Peppermint is intense! I like to dilute it, but I have done it both ways! I just add a drop to my thumb and press the roof of my mouth) The relief is almost instantaneous! Peppermint is also great for any naturally occurring aches and pains from daily life. I love using DiGize + Peppermint when as a way to keep my digestive track healthy and working!

If we have any cleaning to do, our go to product is Thieves Cleaner. It's a pre made all-purpose cleaner from YL. It smells amazing, AND it leaves our house cleaner than any other product I've used. Oh and bonus?! I only need this one non-toxic thing to clean our entire house. Floors, glass, kitchen, laundry, you name it! The little bottle costs 20.00 but you only need one cap full for an entire spray bottle!!! You just top the rest off with water! Win!! While cleaning I love diffusing Lemon + Purification to keep my house smelling fresh and clean :) 

At the end of the day I take Thyromin, a natural supplement from YL to promote healthy Thyroid function, and I also apply two drops of Progessence Plus serum to the back of my neck. P+ is a blend specifically for women made from wild yams that contain naturally occurring progesterone! I LOVE this serum and the way it has kept my body and emotions they way they were intended to be!

I also wash my face again with Lemon Sandalwood bar soap and then add my "glowy skin" mixture to my face. This mixture includes:
Before heading up to bed I drink my fizzy Alkalime mixture. (Go right now & research what alkaline does for your body!!)

And right before bed, if our sleep schedules have been messed up, or we just don't think we will be able to fall asleep right away, we diffuse another favorite combo! Lavender + Peace & Calming + Valor, or we make a roller or cream of this combo and apply that! (Cedarwood is a great oil to add to this combo!!)This helps us fall right to sleep and STAY asleep! We also apply a drop of Thieves to our feet nightly to keep our immunity in tip-top shape! 

And there you have it!! This is just a SMALL glimpse into how we are using Essential Oils in our lives daily. These oils are so versatile! I love being keep our family healthy and the way we were intended to be :) 

These oils pictured above, as well as the amazing diffuser (+ some sample packs, supplements, a roller ball and some awesome guides) are what come in the Premium Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is how we got started with essential oils and it's how I recommend anyone who is looking to begin get started as well. The 5ml bottles last several months and can be used for SO many things! Any one who purchases their kit through one of us, will get access to Facebook groups, and an amazing guide (The Happy Oils Hand Book) put together by some awesome ladies on our team! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into our daily use of oils. I’m excited to hear how you use yours! Please keep in mind that this post is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone, and if you are ever concerned about a possible medical condition, seek professional medical advice. There is a place for natural healing and modern medicine to coexist peacefully, and that will look different for every family!!

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