How to use your oils


There are 3 ways you can use your oils. Read the label on your oil to see how it is intended for use.

1. Topical

Direct application onto the skin is one of the easiest ways to use essential oils. It is also a highly effective method since essential oils can easily pass through the lipid membranes of cell walls. They are able to penetrate cells and disperse throughout the body within minutes. The bottom of the feet is a good place to apply oils directly because many nerve endings are found there and the pores of the skin are large in that area.

Before you start, remember to test a small area of the skin first. Apply one oil or blend at a time. When layering oils that are new to you, allow 15-30 minutes between each oil to give the body a chance to respond before applying a second oil.

The longer essential oils stay in contact with the skin, the more likely they are to be absorbed. To reduce evaporation and enhance penetration, putting socks on after applying can help.

Carrier oils extend essential oils when they are applied to a large area, and can decrease skin irritation as well. When applying essential oils to children, always use a carrier oil. Examples of common carrier oils include coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, & olive oil.

2. Diffusing/Inhaling

Diffusing essential oils is a perfect way to improve your home, work, or living environment. Diffusing can purify the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke or other odors as well as protect you and your family from harmful things we breathe in the air. Diffusing can also help with mood regulation.

To inhale essential oils, try the following:

· Place 2 drops into the palm of your hand; rub clockwise with the otherright hand. Cup hands together over the nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

· Add several drops of an essential oil to a bowl of hot (not boiling) water. Inhale the vapors that rise from the bowl. A towel can be placed over the head and bowl to increase the intensity of the vapors.

· Apply a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball, tissue, natural-fiber handkerchief, or clay necklace and inhale periodically.

3. Ingesting

It may seem like a new idea to ingest essential oils but in fact there are thousands of food products that currently use essential oils for aroma and flavor e.g. chewing gum, chocolates, candies etc. In fact, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classifies certain essential oils as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

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